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Dire Wolf Digital

CLANK! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 Expansion

CLANK! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 Expansion

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Requires CLANK! In! Space! base game to play.

Eager to prove her worth to Lord Eradikus, COMMANDER PREON has built a research station on the edge of civilized space. There, she's developing strange and powerful CYBERWARE-and using all the best of it to augment her own half-mechanical body.

Cyber Station 11 features a new game board for your galactic heist, with a completely different layout, one new two-sided module, and additional ways to escape! It also introduces a new card type: Cyberware. You can spend a power crystal during your turn to "install" a Cyberware, then continue to get its benefits on each turn you take for the rest of the game!

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Recommended Age:  13 and Up

Number of Players:  2-4

Average Playing Time:  60 Mins

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