House Rules

Please help us maintain our high standards and also keep Open Play free by adhering to the following rules:

No Foul/Abusive Language - No Explicit Behavior or Paraphernalia (including playgear or clothing) - No Drug/Alcohol Use/Smoking/Vaping on or around Premises - No Weapons - No Bullying - No Poor Hygiene (including residual odors/marks from Drugs and Alcohol use) - No Stealing/Theft (from the store or other players) - No Soliciting (buying or selling personal or business related items -trading is welcomed) - Keep It Clean (Only use sealable cups and bottles for drinks. Do not eat meals on store table covers or in carpeted areas. Clean up after any spills and put games back in boxes - need help? Let staff know) - No Unsupervised Minors (safety of our patrons, no matter the age, is so important. We love having families spend time, but we do not provide daycare so please do not leave any minor under 17 years of age- unsupervised by a trusted guardian.)

And last but not least - HAVE FUN!


CURFEW RULES: Friday & Saturday Nights - Kid free zone from 9PM-11PM .  All events are considered family-friendly. With that said, in order to satisfy the urge to play those not-so-safe-for-work board games, we reserve the play area for those 17 and over.  Please make arrangements for those that are underage or sensitive to adult content to be out by 9PM.