Collection: Star Wars Unlimited

Face off in head-to-head battles against your opponents in this all-new TCG by Fantasy Flight Games! 

Each deck is headed by a Leader card and at least 30+ card deck (depending on format) determined to defend its base.  

Aspects drive your deck's construction and define your playstyle, motivation and philosophy!

The ability to balance cost and ability from the hand and leader is key, as cards are stashed to be Resources to pay for actions or abilities or can be played from hand to support attack and defense. Reduce your enemy's base to 0HP and you win! 

Most mechanics of the game will feel familiar to many players of TCGs, but combines features of many card games in a unique way - resulting in an easy to learn game with Unlimited possibilities!

Whether you love TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Lorcana and others looking to try something new or you are simply an avid collector and fan of Star Wars,  Star Wars Unlimited is just for you!

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