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Game Color: Xpress Color Intense: Seraph Red 18 mL

Game Color: Xpress Color Intense: Seraph Red 18 mL

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It is recommended to apply Xpress Color on a white or grey primed or painted surface. The color will create light areas on the reliefs, saturated mid-tones and intense shadows in the crevices of the figure.

Like all our products, they are very versatile and can be applied over any color in the range to create soft shading and contouring effects, to create glazes or filters and to blend transitions between color tones.

Xpress Color can be mixed together, or can be diluted with Xpress Medium to modify or create new shades.

Xpress Color Intense have a higher pigment load for more vibrant and saturated shades.

How to use: Apply with a brush, it can also be used with an airbrush.

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