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Don't Get Drunk (21+)

Don't Get Drunk (21+)

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Don't Get Drunk is a board game that is bound to make everyone that plays it laugh out loud. Don't Get Drunk has endless replay value due to the randomness of cards drawn each game, because of this, you will get a unique and different game experience every time you play it. Don't Get Drunk is great for BBQ's, game nights, and much more!

Don't Get Drunks combination of dare, luck, trial, and quiz cards make for a fun game full of surprises. Social media being implemented into the the game makes for a unique, fun gaming experience that you can share with friends; are you brave enough to post?! #dontgetdrunktbg

Its easy! The game is best played with four teams of two, but feel free to play however fits your group best. Teams will take turns rolling the die and moving their token along the board, pick the corresponding card to the spot you landed on. Do what the card says, or refer to the instruction manual if you have landed on a special spot!! Now its the next teams turn, continue this process and let the fun times roll!! The first team or player that makes it home first wins the game!!

Recommended Age:  21 and Up

Number of Players:  2 or more

Average Playing Time:  75 Mins


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