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Smirk and Dagger

DEAD LAST: Party Game of Conspiracy and Betrayal!

DEAD LAST: Party Game of Conspiracy and Betrayal!

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Stay Alive, Gain a Fortune... DEAD LAST is a social collusion game of shifting alliances and betrayals. 6-12 players conspire and vote on who is eliminated every round, all in an effort to be the last player standing and collect gold. You must be in the largest voting group - and to make sure, you can subtly communicate any way you wish, glance, point, flash a card, whisper, text - but don't tip off your target or they could ambush you instead! There is no hidden traitor. You are ALL equally allies and betrayers at any given time. Choose your moments. Watch carefully. Trust No One!

Recommended Age:  14 and Up

Number of Players:  6-12

Average Playing Time:  45 Mins

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