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Curmudgeon (17+)

Curmudgeon (17+)

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Be the ultimate rebel, embracing your inner grump, and unleashing your cantankerous spirit!

This game rewards you for being the top Curmudgeon on the block because it's pretty fantastic. Use word cards to create and hurl hilarious insults at your opponents' life cards. Engage in battle with fill-in-the-blank and prompted cards. Match colors or symbols on the retort cards to keep the game going. The last player to play a retort wins the life card and earns points. With this game, you are the one who creates the humor, regardless of your natural talent. No need to impress the other players, anything you say counts! While other party games provide the jokes and you just put them together, this game gives you the prompts to let your creativity shine. It's like playing mad libs...but with insults.

Become the top curmudgeon and conquer the game!

Recommended Age:  17 and Up

Number of Players:  3-6

Average Playing Time:  30 Mins

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