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Challengers! Beach Cup

Challengers! Beach Cup

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Challengers! Beach Cup is an interactive deck-management game that accommodates 1-8 players and an average playing time of 45 minutes, regardless of the number of players involved.

In the tournament format, players face a different opponent each round. During the Deck Phase, players choose from a variety of characters such as a wizard, alien, cat, gangster, and kraken, with over forty different effects available, ensuring a unique experience in each game. With seven sets to choose from, players can discover new strategies and combinations while competing for fans and trophies in the Match Phase.

The final round will determine the ultimate winner, but players also have the option to use the 16-card "Trainers" expansion, each offering a unique power such as defensive or offensive bonuses, bench extensions, and deck rearrangement.

Challengers! Beach Cup is a standalone game that can be combined with Challengers! for even more variety in gameplay.

Recommended Age:  8 and Up

Number of Players:  1-8

Average Playing Time:  45 Mins


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