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(Clearance) Bites

(Clearance) Bites

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Pick up the best collection of cheese, bread, apples, and other delicious picnic scraps to win in Bites! Ants are marching down a trail of wonderful dual-layered food pieces. You don't control a single ant— instead, choose any color to move. The ants land on their matching color, and you get to pick up one of the surrounding pieces.

By itself, that food doesn't have any value! Their point values change when their matching ant reaches the end of the trail. Changing rule cards make every play different!

Shared incentives mean you are always trying to figure out what the other players are up to. Sometimes, you’ll want to eat all the green peppers. Other games you might go after grapes. You might try and collect all the apples only to have them be worthless at the end!

Bites is an indirect-conflict commodity speculation game based on "Big Points." Big Points was a Spiel des Jahres Recommeded game in 2008! We've refreshed it with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule-tweaking cards.

Recommended Age:  10 and Up

Number of Players:  2-5

Average Playing Time:  20 Mins

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