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Magnetic Card Holder

Magnetic Card Holder

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This holder features an easy, one step action to access your card. A tab on the top of each side that allows you to use a quarter or your fingernails to open the holder up easily. These holders also feature recessed, arrowhead corners so nothing can touch the fragile corners of your card.

Designed to hold a standard 2.5 by 3.5 inch collectible card, these magnetic card holders offer a strong enclosure for your cards. 

*Pro-Mold Magnetic Card Holders have a recessed area that is large enough to accommodate the included, specially-sized sleeve. These sleeves are an added layer of protection for the enclosed card. This is especially important if you are protecting a shiny foil card, as the foil layer can get scratched if dust was on the card when it was placed in the magnetic. Using a sleeve minimizes the chance of the foil card getting scratched.


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