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BCW: 100 Count Card Sleeve and Toploader Combo Pack

BCW: 100 Count Card Sleeve and Toploader Combo Pack

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The Combo Pack of 100 BCW Standard Card Toploaders and Penny Sleeves is a practical solution for collectors, providing both protection and visibility for their card collections. Crafted from acid-free, crystal clear polypropylene, the penny sleeves prevent degradation during long-term storage. The toploaders, made from high-quality, rigid PVC, are recognized in the collectible card industry for their durability and effectiveness as a protective barrier, while also enhancing the display of cards.

This combination of penny sleeves and toploaders is a simple and convenient solution to protecting, storing, and displaying football cards, baseball cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Pokemon cards, YuGiOh cards, Disney Lorcana cards, and plenty of other CCGs.

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