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Catharsis is a thought-provoking and engaging game designed for 1-5 players. As they strive to defeat the many corruptions plaguing the land, players must employ strategic thinking and cooperate effectively. With an element of chance and a variety of obstacles to overcome, each playthrough offers a unique experience. Additionally, each player has their own deck of powers to draw from, which creates an ever-changing dynamic. As the game progresses, players must carefully manage their skills and morale, all while facing the looming threat of defeat. With 12 characters to play and 12 bosses to battle, no two games will ever be the same.

Add Chapter 1 and 2 Sagas Expansions for additional characters and bosses or a unique solo experience - sold separately.


Recommended Age:  14 and Up

Number of Players:  1-5

Average Playing Time:  90 Mins


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