The Revival of Heroscape is coming!

Renegade Game Studios has been on a mission to revive classic battle games such as Axis & Allies and invoke the nostalgia of 80's icons such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony and we're all on board!

The latest big announcement is the reprinting of Heroscape releasing this year! When we first started, one of our biggest requests was for Heroscape. Nearly 20 years after it was first published, this is still a high-demand game.

What is Heroscape?

"Heroscape is a war game, meaning you will assemble troops and battle your opponent for the fate of the land and its people. As a Valkyrie General, your mission is to gather a well-balanced Army, lead them boldly into battle, and wage war strategically to conquer the enemy. Good luck. And may the best Valkyrie General win!"  - Renegade Game Studios

Heroscape is a 2-player battle game (expandable up to 4 players) which is played on 3D modular terrain.  It can be played as a basic game suitable for younger or brand new players or expanded to the master rules for experienced players.  Each player will draft an army - one army will represent GOOD and one army will represent EVIL.  Players will also establish a scenario and build the terrain as specified. Each army will have hero and squad cards and players will take turns playing out movements as dictated on the cards.  Players will use cards to determine movement, range, attack (dice roll), and defense (dice roll). Game play proceeds back and forth until one person wins the scenario. 

While these all sound familiar from other battle games, what sets Heroscape apart from most is that gameplay is easy to execute and even teaches the basics of more complex games.  It also comes with everything you need to play out of the box with focus on the included terrain.  Whether you are looking for a gateway game or would rather have something that is simple to set up and get going, Heroscape may be the perfect game. 

Also, if you are an old-school Heroscape player that just wants to expand play options, or you've lost too many pieces, you're in luck! RGS has designed this to be compatible with the original releases!

Also, look forward to Organized Play with Casual and Competitive tiers!

We expect the game to release some time in August after GenCon.

Preorder today and the first 12 orders to get a master set or battle box will also get a Sgt Drake promo. Add item to cart and promo code: FREESGTDRAKE.  The code will show accepted if still available.

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