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Lorcana TCG: Ursula's Return: Draft Event - $30 @6pm

Lorcana TCG: Ursula's Return: Draft Event - $30 @6pm

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Join us for the release of Lorcana: Chapter 4 - Ursula's Return

Entry fee: $30
Date/time: May 17th @ 6PM
Duration: 2 Hours
Event Type: Booster Draft

Booster Draft – Players will receive four boosters packs each to pass cards among them, from which they will build a 40-card deck using any number of different inks (rather than only two inks). More than four copies of a card with the same full name can be played. Drafting and games will be played in pods of 4. Winner of the pod will receive 3 packs of Ursula's Return, everyone else will receive 1 pack.

Participants must also register on to participate in the tournament.

Also includes Pizza!
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