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Cult Following: Not Safe for Worship Expansion (18+)

Cult Following: Not Safe for Worship Expansion (18+)

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Requires Cult Following: The One True Game to Play.

The Not Safe For Worship expansion features ideas for the more mature player, to enhance the dark and unseemly nature of your cults.

* How will your cult change when one of you finally gets laid?
* Explain your secret plan to seduce the leader of the cult on your right.
* Describe the creepy text message you received from the cultist on your left.
* What would you expect to find in the browser history of the cult on your right?
* Why do you suspect the cultists on your left are compensating for something?
* What’s your cult’s “missionary position"?

Not Safe For Worship includes 75 cards with 150 new ideas to bring out the wild side of your cults. Most of the cards in this expansion are questions - ideas to help recruits find the cult that’s right for them.

Recommended Age:  18 and Up

Number of Players:  3 or More

Average Playing Time:  n/a

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